Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looong gap

Its a long time since I've posted something here.

Was busy with the adventure that I've told in the last post. Another problem is that Kaggalipura- the new place where I am staying now, is a fantastic place to be, but only negative thing is the absence of an internet parlor. I have to come all the way Banashankari to browse.

And that means I have to get a broad band connection at home. For that I have to arrange a system. Now that needs some time....

And what did I do last 3 weeks? Started staying in the new house, bought stuff like a TV, mixer, DTH connection, beds, cots, utensils, cooking gas, sweaters- a whole lot of stuff. I am almost bankrupt now. PF money is almost finished, but in that 25000 is the advance paid. I will get at least some part of that. But things are great now.

Last week I went home and brought Amma here. It is a big relief- for me and for her. My concerns on food is done with.... There is nothing heavenly than home made food. She is also quite happy here.. I suppose! Main relief is that there is a Malayalee family as neighbors. She has already made friends with them and may not be feeling loneliness...

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