Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last week I gave my resignation from FPL. There was an offer from my friend that was standing from months. Finally I decided to take it. It is good if it goes as he has told, I get a hike of 20% and stake of 10% in his firm. Yes, this is the same place I had worked before joining FPL. Hope things goes right this time around.
Fortunately relieving from FPL wont be a big task as I thought. My reliever will join next week. Then it will be only a case of handing over the tasks to him and ESCAPE!
I will have to shift my home somewhere near Whitefield. House owner says he can give advance only on January.. have requested to do something about it. That problem also will be solved if some one agrees to come therwe soon. After all it is a much coveted house in the neighborhood.
Friends are looking for a home already. I have to go there tomorrow to check out some places. I have told amma that we wont be getting a home so big and nice as the present one in city, but hope she wont mind.

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