Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spoiled oppertunities...

You have some wonderful actors who have proved their mettle, you have a novel story thread that involves lot of contemporary issues like oppresion of weaker sex and a premise on the subcontinent's present rage- cricket. What can you do with it?
You can royally screw up the whole thing by making the leading pair run around trees and sing! Unbelievable... thats bollywood, a whole oppertunity to make a classic film spoiled by putting in lot of predictability and cliches.
I watched Dil Bole Hadippa last day... I wouldnt have seen (seen not watched!) it full if it didnt had Rani and Anupam Kher who puts up superb performances with a wafer thin script. Shahid Kapoor after a brilliant performanF in Kaminey totally goes beserk aping Shahrukh a la Chakde Style.
Come on, man! we have seen NRI returned choclate heroes, we have seen heroines teaching them indian culture, we have seen them running around trees and going on dates... but we havent seen an Indian heroine with a cricket bat in her hand kicking some ass in cricket field dressed up as Sardar with thick beard. Instead of decveloping on these novelties you ended up serving us same old stuff yet again... Dissappointing!

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