Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where are the giants?

Do any of you remember the stars of yesterdays, the real men? I am talking about the guys like Dileep Kumar, Amitabh, Kamal, Rajni, Jayan, Sukumaran and the recent lot like Mohanlal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Nana Patekar etc.
These figures used to look big and matured, even at the times when they started the career. Imagine Amitabh in Anand or Deewar, Dileep Kumar in Mughal E Azam, or Kamal in Sathya . They dont seem changed much even after years. But just look at the recent lot. All look like small kids or try to look so. Aamir, Akshay or Shahrukh being such talented actors never look or feel matured like the above said guys. All want themselves to be teen agers. Is it a trend of the times? or is it that its youngsters who come out to watch movies these days and they want to be appealing to them?
Think of Jayaram, when he came in Aparan, I dont think any one thought of him as a boy. He was like a grown up man. But think of Dileep, he still looks like a boy. You know what I mean. I had asked these to many guys to check whether I am just feeling that way because when these formers debuted I was a boy. But every one agrees with me.
What I feel is that there wont be actors like Suresh Gopi or Jayan or Amitabh any more. Or even female actors like Hema Malini or Shobhana. There wont be supporting actors like Thilakan, Venu, Murali or Nana Patekar. All we can see is polished good looking actors with chiselled looks. May be it is the modernisation.

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