Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blast after Bomb scare..

Finally I went to watch a Cricket match Live to a stadium. Yesterday I went to Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore, for watching the Champions league 20-20 match between Blore Royal Challengers and Delhi Daredevils. Evening there was a bomb scare when some bomb residue was found from a J & K junior cricketer came to participate in some local cricketing event. Lot of rumors where going around that match may be cancelled or postponed. Being from the most politically volatile area in Kerala, Kannur, I have always been living under bomb scare. In election times it is high possibility that there may an explosion but all goes and posts their vote. So for me a threat as this is like "Vedikkettukaraneyaa udukku kotti pedippikkunnathu" kind of thing.

When we entered the stadium the match between Cape cobras and Victoria was proceeding. An extremely boring match, but it served the purpose of getting accustomed to the stadium feeling. Watching a match on screen and real are totally different experiences. When you first see a match live you will be confused for a while. You wont know where to look. On the screen, players, scoreboard or the crowd. In a matter of half an hour things will be clear and you will be able to enjoy the match. But if you like to watch the proceedings clearly, analyze each and every ball bowled and every shot played better do it in the comfort of your home and tv. Here the atmosphere and ambiance will be great and you can have a good time.

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