Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It AAPened in Delhi...!

Political thinkers are scratching their heads and wondering what really happened in Delhi. A political outfit that was formed merely a year before has achieved the unthinkable. It not only contested in election, but has managed to defeat the ruling party, Congress with a considerable margin and upset the BJP party that came first place by denying it the majority needed to form Government. AAP with Arvind Kejrival at its helm may seem to have become a force to reckon overnight. But I feel there is more to it.

Indian voters never had a choice for decades. The political party system that they are enduring is becoming a vicious circle. Every political party regardless of its ideological stand has only one immediate aim- to come to power. The power so attained can be used for physical gains. We are sending political midgets to govern us and they in turn loot us by joining hands with corrupt forces. This trend alienated middle class from polling booth. 

Many of you may be remembering the campaigns for null votes- if a voter doesn't want to elect any candidate, he can give a null vote which has a zero count. What Kejriwal has done in Delhi is basically assimilating these null votes and channeling them into the account of AAP.

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