Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sapthama Sree Thaskaraha: Ocean's Seven in Thrissur

My title doesn't imply that this curiously titled Malayalam movie is copied from any foreign flock. As Mohanlal tells in an old movie, all thieves in the world has similar face and it is horrible (bheekar hai), all heist movies tend to have similar elements. To make it entertaining every part of the heist has to be made convincing- motive, planning, execution and improvisation. Another uphill task is to make audience root for criminals.

Director Anil Menon, whose début, critically acclaimed and commercially successful North 24 Kaatham, was a fine specimen of road movie. This added my expectations when I entered the hall to watch Sapthama Sree Thaskaraha. The movie is a riot. Each scene, even the ones with serious tones, ends in situational humor. The characterisation is top notch. Actors have done a wonderful work, though I feel Venu's role was a bit underwritten. Another noteworthy aspect is the location. Cultural capital of Kerala and the the unique slang of the place is put to good use.

One minor issue that I felt was in the improvisation part of the heist. In every good heist movie there is a point were an unexpected hitch stall the robbery. Thieves either makes a change of plan then and there or sometimes they might have considered this issue already and smartly execute the plan B, involving the audience only at the end as part of a big revelation. This is supposed to be the twist that significantly contribute to the drama and thrill. This movie doesn't employ it and tries to introduce a twist after the robbery happen. This move in my opinion slightly hamper the effect.

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