Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Necessary Targets

If you are keen on watching plays, you would have surely heard about, Vagina Monologues, an award winning, smash hit play written by Eve Ensler, a monologue on stage, endorsed by many celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Glenn Glose and Mallika Sherawat in India. Last week in Ranga Shankara, Bangalore, they organised a screening of Necessary Targets, another play written by same author.

Basically, Necessary targets follows the same often repeated theme of difficulties facd by civilians, especially women, during war. What makes it different is the presence of stark realism and the absence of any dogma that may cloud the minds of viewer. Directed by Prakash Balwadi, the play boasts of some exceptionally talented array of actors. 

It is the story of two women, J S, a middle aged, matured, psychiatrist and Mellissa, a hyper active, ambitious, experianced (though young) journalist who goes to a refugee camp for providing counselling to the trauma affected women there. The refugees never bothers to pour their mind to them as the experts thought they would do. But as time passes, J S builts a relationship with the women and starts finding the answers of trouble she has in her life. 


  1. I have watched several plays at Rangshankara...not this one. The pakoras at their stall are awesome!

  2. never tried the cafe there yet. :-)

  3. Never had the pleasure of watching this play - hoping for a rerun.

  4. havent see the play looks interesting