Saturday, May 28, 2011

The interview: Dirty corporations.

Watched this play called The Interview, directed by Akash Khurana, and presented by Akvarious at Ranga Shankara last week. The play is an attempt to unveil the ugly face of hypocrisy in the corporate world.  As the name indicates, the play chronicles the challenges a person has to face to secure a job in a corporation. 

It starts with a nervous Karan waiting for the interview to start, like any other aspiring interviewee only to be bowled over totally once it starts. It starts well, with one peg of whiskey... but what do this crazy interviewer want from him... or is he ready to do what is expected of him? 

The intention is good, acting keeps you engaged, but was that much hoohaa required?... Too much of slapstick comedy dilutes the effect.. for me at least. And I hated Keith... He was getting on my nerves.. May be that was the whole intention. 

All in all it is watchable, but nothing special and a bit tiring... 


  1. "Ready" is ready on June 03, 2011 & Watch official trailer

  2. Corporate film too depicted the dilemma's of corporate affair, seems a mixed drama, did you watch 3D live show of A R Rehman in blore last night

  3. Well, I cant comment much on the play, but I can surely vouch for one thing: You cannot fathom what to expect in a 'corporate-world-interview' !!

  4. Corporate interview...sounds same as capital punishment ..brrr

  5. @nona: hm... it is humorous..

    @world cinema: How do ready mix with world cinema... Is it India's answer to three colors trilogy?

    @deguide: it was pretty good, but too loud. I was not able to watch Rahman show. Actually no entertaintments in monthends :)

    @Anupama: In the play it was very crazy..

    @red handed: lol... any experiences?

  6. yesterday only got an opportunity to watch The Interview at Cochin, as part of the Hindu Theatre Fest. I was sure, that you have written something abt it. And i checked ur blog, and now got it..Thanks for the review..