Monday, July 17, 2023

The Big Reversal Theory of Eating Joints

 We had our lunch at a vegetarian restaurant today. Probably opened new. Because it is still unmapped. I didn't find it on Google Maps. We passed it in the morning and noted its deep yellow paint. So while returning, we decided to try it out.

It was uncrowded when we entered the dining hall. The wait became a bit long after we ordered South Indian meals for all. We were hungry, impatient, and slightly demanding. Feeling our displeasure, the waiter, obviously a newbie, didn't want us to feel bad and hovered near our table, assuring us that the meal was being set and would arrive soon.

After a long wait, one by one, plates started arriving. The first plate came with rice, pappadam, and eight additional side dishes. When the second plate came, it was found that Kesari Sweet was not present among the side dishes. We escalated to the waiter, and he came running and started counting side dishes. There were eight. He found out there were two dishes of rasam served.

Then the rest of the plates arrived. On the fourth plate, pickles were missing. Instead, there were two dishes of thoran. It was like the roof fell on the head of the waiter. Much chaos ensued. The waiter was simultaneously reassuring us of making amends and threatening the new boys (definitely immigrant workers, as the poor guy was shouting in broken Hindi in a hilarious Tamil accent) who set the plates for the mix-up. They came running and started talking with the waiter in broken Tamil. We were so confused that when I asked for a spoon, I asked it in broken Kannada, which, by some miracle, they understood, and I was happy to do my part for the national integration.

By the time we started wolfing down, everyone from the establishment was at our table, including the immigrants who set the plate and the cashier asking if we found anything else missing. Overall, the confusion was amusing and hilarious. We have never had an experience like this with South Indian meals in our lives. To be frank, the food was excellent. We had second helpings of most of the dishes.

While returning, someone opined that the food was amazing even though the service was catastrophic. My friend remarked that, as it usually happens with new eating joints, the boys will improve their service through experience within a month, and by then the food will turn catastrophic.


  1. Unable read as the print is very faint.

    1. Thanks. It is some formatting issue. Corrected now. I have started posting in a different platform called Substack. Please check that when you have time.

  2. Was fun reading and visualising the comic situations!