Friday, April 13, 2018

Carbone: Financial Crime Thriller with Street Credentials...

A bankrupt industrialist invents a new scam of cheating government by reselling the rights of CO2 pollution. The plan was to silently siphon the government off some millions and quit before shit hits the fan. But when some very questionable characters gets involved in the deal, all hell breaks lose. This is the premise of French thriller Carbone that I watched the last day. I wasn't expecting a Scarface when I heard about this one. But Carbone is a generic crime drama that ticks all the requirements of a reasonably well made one.

This is a story that's told hundreds of times, with the only USP being the novel method of scamming, which was borrowed from actual events. But the only flaw in the movie turned out to be the unclear way in which these deals are shown, without much details and with alarming simplicity. I'm not sure if the overnight rags to riches change is possible at all.

Otherwise the very run off the mill plot is narrated with much sincerity and passion. The actors were excellent. The pace of the movie never breaks and the emotional core of the whole enterprise is surprisingly believable. The climax is also similar to many movies of similar nature, but quite powerful.

Carbone doesn't open any new paths for future crime movies to follow. But I felt that the worn out premise is sufficiently covered with enough thrills to satisfy the fans of the genre.

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