Friday, December 9, 2016

IFFK Bytes: Indivisible- On Separation

I'm here at 21st IFFK and watched the first movie screened at Tagore. Indivisible is an Italian movie directed by Edoardo De Angelis about a pair of conjoined twins and their reactions to the prospect of being separated. The movie manages to portray the desperation and angst of the two girls effectively without opting to trivialise their issues.

Two girls conjoined at hips are good singers and does local shows. Their father manages them with the help of stoner mother and her relatives. A doctor offers to separate them. The whole balance of the family is thrown off when each member has their personal agenda to care for and react accordingly.

The movie succeeds largely due to the deeply nuanced performance of the twins. The movie is a study on the effects of selfish intents on relations. It's about clinging on to bodies even once you know it's better to let go.

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