Saturday, July 27, 2013

Three Laugh Out Loud Books

A good book of humor is the best medicine for any stress related issues. After a day's hard work, reading a good joke book can be refreshing and relaxing. I recently read three books that are most suitable for the situation. All three are genuinely funny, easy reads with lot of LOL moments.

 Any teacher out there will agree that checking exam sheets is a monotonous work. But the gem of answers they sometimes come across makes the whole effort worth while. I remember an article that collected such comic answers that was published more than one and a half decade back in a Malayalam newspaper that was so widely read that even now people quote them. These days there are lot of forwarded mails and pictures with similar content that are circulated through social media and email. F in Exams: The Very Best of Totally Wrong Test Answers is a such a compilation by Richard Benson. The collection of the most craziest answers categorized into different disciplines- Maths, History, Geography, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, is one laugh riot from start to end. It is printed in the style of real exam sheet with printed questions and handwritten answers. Even the evaluator's remarks and marks can be seen in some. At first I felt they are authentic, but close observation reveals the handwriting of all answers very much identical. I would recommend this book heavily.

 There are two kinds of people in the world- book readers and others. When the others venture inside a book stall crazy things occur. Weird Things Customers Say in Book Shops, by Jen Campbell recounts many real enquiries- wierd, perplexing and out right crazy that bookshop salespersons had to face. We can observe that these questions arise due to different reasons- idiocy, lack of knowledge or plain mischief. Someone asks about the books written by Jane Eyre while some other want to know if Charles Dickens has written anything fun. Read it and have a good time.

 How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you?... This is the name of third book. Written and sketched by The Oatmeal (of, it is the collection of humorous comics from his site. This book, as the name indicates, is a commentary on feline behaviour which is funny on most of the parts. It is a small book, which can be read with in half an hour. To tell the truth I was not much impressed by it, though it is an amusing read. May be because I am not a cat person or it may be my fondness to Garfield, who makes a more interesting cat than any other.


  1. “Money Prick, the harsh truth your friends don't have the balls or brains to tell you” is Laugh Out Loud funny!

    Recently I found a book that conveys a topic usually a little more serious (and often quite boring), personal finances. Before you yawn, let me say that the manner in which it is written is quite entertaining all the way through. In fact, Laugh Out Loud funny! If this is what will get people to read and heed the tips, then I'd say Taylor Young got it right. It reminds me somewhat of Skinny Bitch, another funny read making a tough subject come to life. You can't be offended by a little crass language though.