Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to be a successful blogger a la Govind Tiwari...

I was checking news today when I came upon this Indian blog that hit the bull's eye by becoming an overnight sensation on Twitter and Facebook. He is even featured on leading newspapers as a human interest story. So how did Govind Tiwari managed to be a mini celebrity? What are the techniques adopted by this blogger to get an enormous traffic hike in just days?

For answers have a look at his blog and you will come to know that for getting attention in today's world you need not do any hard work. What you need is a blog with a really freaky template, some of your crazy, in literal sense, photos, basic knowledge in photoshop to screw them up, a demo version video making software, an absence of imagination or a sense of aesthetics and lot of love, for yourself...!

I have been wasting my time, thinking of interesting topics to write in this space, of new words and of making situations just to show them off, of how to promote it so that some unsuspecting reader finds me and read what I have to say. This guy, like that Brahman, who challenged the circus performer, who jumped through a ring of fire, to jump without ring or even fire like he did, became the winning horse on whom no one cared to bet.

Wishing Govind Tiwari best of luck in future endeavors and a happy blogging life...


  1. i read about him somewhere else too - craziness, really! Some people have nothing to do in life!!

  2. call that a blog??? Disgusting!

  3. He isn't the only one, once I read about a boy of 13 years making millions through blogs. I was puzzled and the news piqued me to have a look at his blog. His was more or less the same as of GT. Luck MAtters quite at times. :P

    Weakest Link

  4. A fellow blogger shared the blog link. What the heck! anything for fame! Bah!

    But yes appreciate him :)

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  6. hahaha! i was wondering why this name sounded familiar.

    i dnt understand y he is famous. stroke of luck maybe.
    we have much better things to do than to focus or comment over such sites n ppl. and really? this was in newspaper?! haha!

  7. Well He did do something to at least ..

    I dont know how they get so much fame but then that fame is shortlived :)

    All the best to him and likes of him .. and Congrats too for being so famous ..


  8. This Govind Tiwari has just unlocked a new level of narcissism!

  9. That was a funny blog!
    I liked the sarcastic note in urs..!

  10. Poor guy Govind... he was just experimenting. He doesnt deserve so many hate mails...
    Several people are about I me myself...

  11. I share the same views. Liked your blog very much.

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