Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Height of Irresponsibility...

After suffering for decades from terrorist attacks, across the border, from inside the country and from beyond the oceans, finally the common man can make the sigh of relief. Things could have been worse. You thought a handful of terrorists keeping our financial capital as hostage for days together was bad? Or a series of blast in metro trains is terrible? Or terrorists striking three cities across the nation at the same time was a shame on our intelligence department? You are wrong...! Worse could have happened...!

So says our Yuvaraaj...  and how can we deny the words of him?.. the future of our nation.. According to the young Gandhi, government was successful in thwarting 99% of possible terror strikes. Of course just like Sachin cannot hit a century in every Cricket match, during some unlucky times sad things happen. And yesterday was one such day. But do not worry! He and his government is hell bent on stealing the victory from terrorists in coming days. He assures us a hundred percent result soon. 

So as per Rahul Gandhi, 99% of terror attacks are foiled "Due to effective vigilance and surveillance...", and " is difficult to stop every terror incident even though the country has improved by leaps and bounds in combating the menace." Just imagine, if the government was not as successful as Mr Gandhi claims, what would be the condition of our nation! Not too good if you take the case of latest blast in Mumbai. Every three days there will be another bomb blast. Simple maths, if this attempt is among the 1% of attacks government could not prevent, surely there should be minimum 99 other attacks which were foiled. Otherwise the claim is wrong. So to prevent any one to accuse him of telling lies, let Mr Amul G keep the proof on table. Of 99 possible attacks prevented by the intelligence agencies. Or at least a handful of them. If that is also difficult can we see at least the proof of one incident that was prevented by the intervention of agencies. 

I doubt, Juniorji would be capable to do this... 

If he is our future... then we, as a united, independent nation will soon be history...  

Another interesting comment came from Shiv Sena's Uddhav Thackeray. He was lambasting Congress government on its inability to protect citizens. " Why should innocent people suffer? Who will take the responsibility?" This coming from a person who wants to throw out every non Maratha out of Mumbai... who tries to expel them out by violence... 


  1. true...its a shame really...


  2. Ah, of course! Making the people debate on whether other terror attacks haven't happened because they weren't going to happen or because our loyal government prevented it from happening. Sounds confusing? Good, 'cause that's the point!!
    Nice post!

    By the way, it should by 'non Marathi', not 'non Maratha'!

  3. Sub: thank you. Priya: thanks. my mistake. it is Maratha..

  4. Half of the NSG commandos, police officials, army persons and others are protecting this crooks so how can they get time and power to throw the terrorists out?

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  5. Every thing becomes debate in our country. However, we citizens must unite ourselves and stop depending on our useless Govt. Good Post!