Monday, July 12, 2010

Knight and day: Mixed bag

Watched Tom Cruise and Camaron Diaz starrer Knight and day. Hm... I really cannot say it is good or bad.. What is evident is that it is a last ditch attempt to save a sinking ship... the career of the hero Tom Cruise.. It is a mix of fun, action, romance, international espionage, comedy, tomfoolery, some feminism, some male chauvinism, gadgets, chases,  beaches, some secret device that should not fall into bad hands, a spy turned wrong... all this jam packed to two hours without even a poor excuse of a story...

Let us say the movie is Jackie Chan meets Jason Bourne meets Mr and Mrs Smith meets James Bond meets Mission Impossible meets Desparado meets Kites meets Ravan meets lot of other movies of different genres...

But I enjoyed the movie because action is good, comedy is ok... Though the chemistry between Cruise and Diaz is non existant a la Raavan, but the charm each of them imparts to their respective characters is worth watching once...I really feel if this flick can save the career of Cruise, it is good as I think it is a career that should be saved. Despite all that Vanilla Sky, Last Samurai, Valkyrie, War of the worlds... I still think good about A few good men, Mission impossible and Collateral...He is a capable actor


  1. The lead pair is jinxed! :)

    By the way, Tom Cruise was specifically brought in to lure the summer movie goers as opposed to saving Tom's career. At least, that is what I read somewhere! :|

  2. Many of last cruise movies were colossal flops. this movie was told to be a deciding one for him.gossip sites are predicting an end of his career with this movie also bombing. .