Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Musical paradox

Only today I noticed this option of checking the most played songs in my mobile. I had seen it before but today morning only could appreciate the advantages of the feature. I was quite astonished to see the list because many songs that I considered favorites are not featured in it. And many that were quite mediocre was there in it. Surely my favorite songs list is not the one that I hear most! What a strange Paradox! I thought I would just list them in this post with a small review of my own. What I like about the song and what I think is not agreeable to my auditory nerves. And I will try to upload some videos of lesser heard ones...

  1. Madno from Movie Lamhaa:    I had down loaded this song last week and this is the topper of the list and with every right to be so. This is a great track. The best one of that album, penned by Saeed Quadri and composed by Mithoon. The song has something that reminds us of Maula Mere from Anwar, which is also composed by Mithoon, but it never gets in the way of appreciating this soulful melody. The insertion of Kashmiri Lyrics makes the song all the more exotic. It is a long song (more than 8 minutes) but no complaints. 
  2. More Piya from movie Rajneeti:  It is a great trend that Hindustani semi classical music is making its presence felt more in commercial Hindi film music these days, so that we are able to hear such gem of songs ... More piya is a very subtle melancholic melody about a lover wondering why her mate is not showing his feeling for her.. It is not featured prominently in the movie. Composed and sung by Aadesh Shrivastava, who I feel is a very under rated musician (he is hanging around from the times I started hearing hindi movie songs seriously) and written by Sameer this is a good inclusion in the list. But I think it does not deserve its second position, because lot of great songs are there below.
  3. Kaisa Yeh Junoon by Raahat fateh Ali Khan: This is a great track, but funny part is that it is the title track of a Pakistani Serial of the same name. Now music from the other side of the border had always been great, Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Gulam Ali, Ali Azmat and others including Raahat has made many great contributions to Indian Music also. I got this track from internet and was glued after hearing it the first time. The lyrical quality, bits of aalap fused with background music... adorable.
  4. Dil to Bachha hai from movie Ishqiya:   Hm ... Here comes my favorite track, I wanted this to be the topper actually...Gulzar, Vishal Bharadwaj and Raahat Fateh Ali Khan... what to say? deadly combination?... The premise of the song is an aged man falling in love... his confusion, frustration and sweet anticipation flows out ounce by ounce in every stanza.
  5. Salaam Zindagi from Lamhaa: Now don't blame me for downloading Lamhaa recently and hearing it more often. But this track is also quite OK. Especially the Kashmiri verses sung by kids. But I feel some problem some where in lyrics. It is like jointed together in a hurry in some places, but still the track is very listenable.
  6. Main Kaun Hoon from Lamhaa again: This track is sung by the versatile Palash Sen, (remember the band Euphoria and songs Mairee and Kabhi Aana tum meri gally). And any good thing about this track is related to the singing, which bounces from subdued to high pitched intermittently. It is about the frustrations and confusions of a man from the valley about freedom, about safety about his destiny about identity... 
  7. Bahaara from I hate Luv stories: This is nother track that I feel should be some where above the list. Raahat Fateh Ali Khan sings out Bahaara, a sweet romantic number which when Shreya Ghoshal sung I felt like a repetitive tune. Amazingly when Raahat sings it the whole feel changes. 
  8. Huqa Pani by Ali Zafar: I absolutely have no idea how this ended up in the list. It is a Bhangra remixed version which is listenable though many better songs are lying below. 
  9. Naina from movie Omkara: Another of Vishal Bharadwaj song written by Gulzar and sung by Raahat, lot of sitar in the background and your soup of emotions is ready to serve...
  10. Main tenu samjhawan ki by Raahat again: Although this song lies far below, it is a wonderful Punjabi track from a Punjabi movie Virsa and definitely worth listening although I never understood most of its lyrics.


  1. hareesh u should select a good tepmlate for your blog to ebmedd ur videos in a good mode....

  2. Thats fine, basic intention is to show off music, videos are not that good any way, and to get good quality sound I had uploaded HD videos from you tube, thats why only half of the screen is visible. If in any case, in future if I feel like uploading a video to show off the visuals, i will definitely think of that..