Monday, June 14, 2010

The B king!

What will you call an Indian movie star:

a) who was the heart throb of masses for two decades,
b) who recieved 3 national awards for best actor, first one being his debut movie,
c) two film fare awards- one for best supporting actor and one for best villain, a star screen award and countless other awards
d) deemed as a great dancing star and action hero in his times,
e) who was the most popular star abroad in 1980s especially in Russia after Raj Kapoor
f) who is a successful entrepreneur
g) who was the higest tax payer nationally for five consecutive years
h) who was a strong naxalite in his early years
i) who actually IS a self made star with a rags to riches story to tell
j) who has acted in several popular romantic and family dramas of his times
k) who run a parallel hindi movie industry outside Bollywood succesfully for a decade
l) who still essays powerfull roles in both commercial and off beat movies, every one of them critically acclaimed regardless of the fate of the movie,
m) whose appearence in mini screen was also as successfull as his illustrious movie career.....

What would you call the guy ....

No, No ... all guesses are wrong...

He is regarded and known as the King of B grade movies....

He is Mithun Chakraborthy

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