Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thalappavu- where the killer and the victim units

Just now I was watching a Malayalam movie called "Thalappaavu" (The Turban) directed by debutant director Madhupal. From a long while there is nothing worthwhile to watch out for from Malayalam movies. If any one makes a worthy movie it never releases. This was not the case some time back. There were some extremely competent pack of directors with a powerful grip in craft who made every genre of movies with shoestring budgets. Talented actors- be it a hero, heroine, side kick, villain or comedian gets meaty roles that taps their potential. World class movies where made shown around the globe by the likes of Aravindan, Adoor. And now Malayalam movie is in a pathetic state, talented actors like Mohanlal, Mammootty and Jayaram sleepwalking through some excuses named as cinema. Cheap comedies and worthless action films releases every other week and makes no impact. Many directors passed away and many lost their sheen.

In this darkness some sparks happens rarely some where and we, the greedy audiences gulps it down our throats forgiving the film maker of all its faults.

Madhupal's Thalappavu with all its faults and shortcomings is praise worthy due to its seriousness and sincerity. The story starts with the character of Laal, a cop, shooting the character of Prithviraaj a naxalite.The movie shoots some very basic questions at the audience.

If some one is forced to do a crime , does he have to bear the responsibility of it?

When the whole world turns against you, and your whole existence is under threat, do you have the responsibility to keep a vow of silence?

Do you as an individual have any moral responsibility to prevent injustice happening to your fellow men?

The story is based on a real life incident happened some time back when a police constable agreed hat he had to kill a naxalite leader due to pressure from top, and years later his conscience tortured him to tell to the world. Madhupal has captured the pain of the protagonist very sincerely. The narration is also brisk and fast paced. The movie is not sequential, it jumbles the time frame every other scene, and it never makes the audience confused too. Madhupal has shown a good grip in narrative too.

Actors have done reasonably well, Laal steals the show with his extraordinary performance. Prithviraaj looks a bit out of place in costumes and dialogues, but he cannot help it as a heroic character. Side actors has done very well especially Raju...

What makes the movie unique and great is the theme where ultimately the killer and his victim unites to fight for justice...

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