Monday, April 13, 2009

The Great Indian Thamasha 2009

The great indian Carnival is happening all over the nation, the one that happens every five years- Election to Parliment. All political parties are geared up to lure towards them with promises and accusations about opposite parties. Different caste and religious organisations are out with a list of people they will support if their demands are met. Crores will be flown to the arena as black and white to meet the monetary needs of campaigning, coming from our over democratic crorepatis. Even our second biggest Thamasha- Cricket has given its place to Election and immigrated to Africa this year. News channels are out with 24 hour coverage of election news, exit polls and mud slinging happening. Election commision like a head master, is trying to enforce discipline among all those leaders and politicians who behave worse than kindergarten kids.
And we voters- audiences of this carnival gives the final verdict in few days without any notion what will happen afterwards. UPA, NDA, third front or any forth front- who will be our rulers for next five years? Lets wait and see...

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