Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crickety critics

One day I may become a movie critic!!!!

Not joking! Its a very good job, no investment, no need of technical knowledge, blabber what comes in your mind, dont give away whether the movie is good or bad, just use lot of jargon and be a pseudo intellect....

I am writing this after reading the review of some critics and after watching the movie they wrote about. I watched new Bond flick Quantam of Solace the last day.... The critics unanimously say that it lacks the Bond atmosphere- car, gadgets, one liners, Bond girls, and a cool Bond who never soils his Tux....

These same lot of critics had a couple of years back tore apart Die Another Day, for being too much artificial and for being formula ridden. They were feeling that Bond is getting more distant from the original novel version by Ian Fleming....
Now when Craig is giving them the raw, ruthless superspy, who gets bruised but kicks the real butt of villains as pictured by Fleming they all want the buttered Brosnan version.
I like Craig more than PB or even Connery. He makes Bond more humane and more believable.
The movie is also better than others may be second only to Casino Royale. And about story... Who cares...? James Bond is all about attitude!!!

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