Saturday, October 4, 2008

TATA... bye bye...What next?

So after a long political drama and uncertainties TATA is pulling out of Singur. What next?

Many questions arise at this critical juncture...

  • When will ultimately the common man's car roll out?
  • Who benefits out of Tata's exit from Singur? ....Mamatha Banarjee- after a successful campaign against the plant? Other state govts who finally gets a chance too woo Tata to their place? Common farmers who may get their acquired land? Rivals of Tata who dreads an entry of Nano- other small car, two wheeler and three wheeler manufacturers, to whom Nano is a threat? or any real estate agencies who may be planning to grab the acquired land at a cheap cost?
  • Who are the losers? ..... Tatas who have invested a fortune there? Ruling communist party who has lost their image? People of Bengal?
  • What will happen to all the acquired land? Will it go back to farmers or will some one make it their own once the temperature comes down?

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