Thursday, January 24, 2013

Skip to death..!

Lot of comments have been pouring in from friends and relatives since last couple of months about my slightly (?) protruding belly. I strongly believe that the hands of a newly opened samosa-kachori shop-owner is responsible for this. Trouble is that by putting an open blame of him I will have to avoid buying from him at least for time being. Provided the quality of his eatables, even the thought is unbearable for me. And then I made up my mind to seriously take up exercising. What an idea sirjee...! 

After work just stop at the kachori stall, wolf down one samosa, some hundred grams of hot jalebi, a kachori and come home, do work out for some time and see that all those delicacies become integral part of my body muscles. My idea was to start with skipping. It is easy to do and don't need any investment as such. I bought a good skipping rope and before starting the exercise schedule, just googled the benefits of skipping, to get a motivation. 

I opened first couple of results in the Google search page and it was satisfying. All were recommending skipping as a good cardiovascular exercise, perfect for the whole body. Then I reached the last result of the page. And all my enthusiasm drained off my mind. The title displayed for that result was, 'Skipping exercise can be fatal to you!'. I was shocked. Oh my God, that was close! Fatal? How is it possible? Skipping seemed quite a harmless sort of workout, which doesn't give any big shock for the body and here they say it is fatal! Then I opened the link and read it hurriedly, only to realise that the article was not about skipping exercise but about avoiding (skipping) physical exercises which can be fatal. What a relief!

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