Monday, January 3, 2011

An introduction..

Yesterday my uncle, my mother's eldest brother, took to blogging. You can read it here. I would like to just give an introduction to my readers, (well, although I am very much inexperianced compared to him in worldly matters, I have a few intelligent readers with me, who are my strength) and I find it my duty not only as a devoted nephew, but also as a concerned human being, to give an introduction to this new blog from a very experianced veteran, so that every one can benefit from the pearls of wisdom shared in it. 

Mr A P Kesavan Namboodiri, a teacher in his early days, took to entrepreneurship and business. Two plus decades of successful business and conventional agriculture later, he literally struck gold with nature. A radical change in the paradigm shifted his attention to nature based agriculture and then into natural living. Now he spends his time succesfully tending to his acres of land which is just left in the hands of nature to be cultivated, livestock that supplements the mutually beneficial living and in giving awareness to the world about this one and only way left for human survival. He has given classes in places throughout Kerala, some of which are aired in radio and several television channels, on his green way of living. He gives as much importance to his action as his words and the result is to been seen in his life- a very healthy and wholesome physical, mental, family, social, economic and spiritual life, emphasising the importance of a balanced living.

Kindly lent an ear to the blog, and give the valuable suggestions, making it a bilateral conversation so that it becomes mutually beneficial.



  1. Where are the blogs which give you something to chew mull or to introspect? Some ramble about their love life or the lack of it...Some post pictures...The meaty blogs are on HT, CNN, Indiatimes but they are too busy to comment on lesser mortals like us...Your uncle is welcome.

  2. happy new year
    thanks for link

  3. Sounds interesting, will have a dekko

  4. My heartfel wishes for your uncle's blogword startup..

  5. Hmmm I will surly have a look there ..

    Happy new year to you and family..


  6. Well a nice place to be,
    your blog and the blog recommended by you both !!!

    Will keep reading !!!!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!