Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Amazing Live theater

Watched a play on a live theater. An amazing experiance! Better than movies if the handling is good. The language was a bit incomprehensible, but the acting made up for that. The way the stage is treated, according to situation, the speed in which props appear and disappear and the way actors move on the stage without goofing up... Just awesome to watch. Add some apt lighting and live music, it was an evening well spent.

The play was a comedy of misunderstandings between two couples, a pair of lovers and a pair of married couples. The lover gives his photo to  his girl. She faints on the way home and a doctor helps her. Doctor's wife sees them and misunderstands. The photo gets into her hands. What follows is a comedy of errors. The slapstick is just awesome, two servents were the best and they got a great deal of claps.  Although the story was a bit stale, the situations and the reactions from actors was what made the play special... Great effort...


  1. Hi Harish! I know, the live theatre can be really an experience. I too have seen theatre.. and then u know what effort they put in it.

  2. Hi, Welcome back... I was amazed by the way they works in between acts to arrange the stage. light and sound just superb! Bowled over

  3. ask me
    i did theater for 4yrs.
    its hard work but a lot fun
    ironically i have never seen any play, though played many.
    oops i know that is really strange but this is how it is.
    u seem to have become a theater lover now.
    would suggest you to go through all the genres available

  4. Hey, thats great. I would suggest you to chill out and watch one, just to appreciate the effort you had been putting up... I am trying to catch up as many as I can :)

  5. Which play did you watch? Theatre is always raw and interesting. The efforts are so visible that you end up appreciating it no matter what.

  6. The name is Nangyaako Dowtu! Peculiar isn't it?