Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Information Report

While going through the latest posts in my reader list, I came on this post which was about the background check that is an essential before any marriage proposal. A very humorous incident was narrated there, which reminded of such a thing that happened to me some time back. One of my very close friend, (lets call him LA) called up one fine day asking for a favor. His room mate's parents have found a girl for their son, and he wants to get a background check on her. The girl studied in the same college were I studied, as 4 years my junior. I was not there at that time and had never met her. So LA wanted me to inquire about her with any one who studied there at that time, whom I knew. 

I am pretty bad at keeping contacts with people with whom I don't have an emotional attachment, and after thinking a long time, decided to call one guy, who was two years my junior (Lets call him JS) with whom I was pretty close then. (Later I happened to associate with him and had to severe my relationship with him because he was the cause of some pretty bad damage to me.That is another story anyway.)  

So I called him up and asked for a favor. I told him I wanted to ask about this girl, who studied as his junior and it was part of a "Pre marriage investigation". He plainly told she is a good girl. I was much relieved as I dreaded the situation where I have to break a bad report about a girl... Then conversation turned to other trivial matters. 

I was about to bid good night, when he told, "Harishetta, just because you have asked me about this girl, I want to tell something."
My heart fell. 
"Actually, at that time, I was pretty close with her."
"It started initially as a rumor, originated from the friends. After some time we were quite close. But I never proposed to her. And later I decided not to pursue that case. After passing out of college, I never met her or had any contact.  First I decided not to tell you this, but later if you come to know from some one else, it will not be good. That is why I am telling you now. She is really a nice girl..."
"So... what shall I do now..?"
" I don't want to destroy a good future for her. Nothing happened between us and what ever that float around was all rumors. I liked her and was friendly.. "
Shall I laugh or cry..? What a the whole world, this is the man whom I called for my FIR enquiry..


  1. :) Thanks for giving a link to my post!

    This is exactly what I dreaded! Hence the apprehension about performing a background check! Luckily for me, I never had to! :)

  2. Lucky you! the second time i had to take up this ordeal was when another friend asked me to check the background of a girl with the worst reputation in da firm where i previously worked. every one was laughing at me and the situation..

  3. Hmm..It shows how people value your comments or judgement. :) I, for one, will never involve in something like this, because people can change and ultimately the blame and the guilt. Heck, even people in love marriages change!