Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Centurion: 100th post.

I am now typing the hundredth post of Conscientious Reflections...
100 posts, 2 years and one month...  25 months .. averages one post per week... not bad, is it?
It all started in September 2008, as a personal diary, the name was different then, one which more suited my state of mind and intention at that point of time... 
In 2008, I never intended visitors to come in. Of course I was a bit shy, that some strangers would attempt to read my ramblings and rants... 
Only a privileged few used to drop in.. as I used to update the status with a link of post in Orkut and then Facebook and twitter later on...
You can see that if you check the comments in the blog, barring one or two odd comments, the initial posts, many of them my personal favorites, never attracted much comments.
Friends and relatives who stumbles upon them leaves their comments in Orkut or other sites... 
That time there was no interaction with other bloggers too. 
From last April 2010, more visitors started coming in. And that was the time I had my first follower... 
That was the time I started visiting other bloggers, putting comments there and following some of the most ingenious writers I had ever read...
They in turn had been kind enough to drop in and comment and give valuable suggestions... 
And I feel now I feel responsible for writing good... yes, that is the difference that I feel these days from those times when I used to write for my own sake.

I think I would just mention  some posts that are more popular and those are my favorites below:

Most popular post in terms of visits:
A Team : The Movie from past: This was my appreciation of a popular action movie, that was violent and humorous at the same time... as per Google Analytics, it is the most viewed page, most of the visitors coming from google search... 

Most popular post in terms of comments:
The last man on earth to watch inception: An appreciation of the movie block buster Inception got most number of comments.. and still I am getting a few of them...

My personal favorites:
Yossarian's struggles: About the book Catch 22. I loved the book. So I was intending to go overboard with it. I wanted to compare it with some other similar works I read at that time, and it was a post that took  more time and energy..  

Incredible life and death of my talkative middle finger: An attempt at fiction for the first time in years, this absurd story was conceptualized in a sleepless night. Started drafting it next day, stopped in between disheartened and again worked on it after a month and some how done with it. It came out the way I intended  it to be I feel...


  1. thanks a tonne buddy; nanni chetta:)

  2. hearty congratulations on the century!!
    heres wishing you plenty more!!

  3. Congratulations. Most blogs start that way. I started mine, more for some of my views to be recorded and for my children to view them later on ( when they have time / when they have children of their own.. and so on).

  4. Congrats on reaching 100. I started my blog 2007. but still there are only 40 posts.

    I think I started following you after your 'Inception' post. At that time I was really crazy about the film and now also its one f my fav films..

    wish you many more years f blogging

  5. Good going and keep writing :)