Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reality bites

A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr:

This book, based on real story of a civil litigation happened in USA is a thrilling account of legal action that can give any well written legal thrillers a run for their money. It is the story of the crusade of a young and flamboyant lawyer against two huge industrial corporations, greedy lawyers representing them, a partial judge, prejudiced jury and everything that went wrong against him... It is interesting and same time depressing, some thing that gives us the message every thing need not go always right in life.
When many children are affected by Leukemia in Wobourn county, a concerned parent decides to check out the reason and suspect the polluted drinking water. She decides to take legal help against pollution of water by two big industries in the county. Defending the chidren becomes the job of a boistrous, Porsche driving young lawyer, Jan Schlichtmann, who enters the scene lured by fame and millions of dollars, and later on it becomes a battle to give justice to his clients. A legal battle where justice is at stake and greed and corruption is the driving force. A battle that turns Jan Schlichmann bankrupt, Quixotic, and almost insane... But it is an account of how a man can make the difference in a corrupt world.. Although Jan loses everything, his house, his firm his car and almost his saneity, he does his job of disbursing justice.
The book is adapted to a movie starring Travolta and Duvall which althogh was critically acclaimed, never became a success commercially.

The Feather Men by Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Sir Ranulph Fiennes, an ex SAS agent and explorer (it seems once the guy was pissed off by frost bite during a vigil and cutoff his affected leg with a saw) chronicles the true story of a secret, covert organisation of SAS agents hell bent on protecting ex SAS secret agents...
In Dhofar, Oman, a dying Sheikh recruits a secret organisation calling themselves the Clinic, lead by a lethel assassin to enforce Tha'ar ( revenge) on the killers of his sons killed in battle field, so that his political and economic aspirations for his surviving son in his tribe is realised. The clinic starts its operations in 1975 and by 1990, 4 british officers who worked in Dhofar are killed by causes diaganosed as natural. What the clinic never realised was that a secret British organisation The Feather Men are behind their heels to track them down and do justice to the four officers. They fails four times and the last chance is now to prevent harm being done to a writer and SAS agent who is also destined to chronicle their extra odrdinary story.
Heard a rumour that Jason statham will do the role of the leader of assassination group in the planned movie version.

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