Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Weekend with Hitchcock

Last weekend I spend with Hitchcock, the master film maker who scared the audiences and knocked the senses out of many a women by that bloody dagger scene in Psycho. I was browsing through some DVDs of a road side vendor when I came across this collection of 6 Hitchcock movies- North By Northwest, Psycho, Birds, Trouble with Harry, Man who knew too much and Farmer's wife. Now all knows it is tough to get a perfect DVD from roadside, this one was also not different. Audio and subtitles changes from English to French to Spanish without any provocation in between, audio runs ahead of the video.... all sorts of troubles mars the fun of watching North by northwest, Birds and Psycho.... But thank God I have watched them before. The ones that I never watched are intact and made my weekend special....

The first time I saw a Hitchcock flick was in TNT channel. It was North by Northwest of Cary Grant. Awesome movie with good turns and twist. Ahead of its time.....

The speciality of Hitchcock is that the protagonists will be normal persons going through unusually abnormal circumstances. Their actions wont be supernatural, their emotions, fears and conductance will be like any Tom, Dick or Harry.

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