Friday, February 3, 2012

Tied the knot...

On January 19th I changed my status from Single to Married. That is one reason you will find a long gap, more than a month's, between my last post and this. I was busy with the pre marriage arrangements and post marriage rituals of visiting near and dear relatives, drinking gallons of tea and indulging ourselves in delicacies made specially for us. (I have become fatter by 4kgs.)

My better half, or far better half to put frankly, is doing her final year graduation in Sociology and has around 3 more months of classes and an exam left. She is a wonderful individual, a good singer, and was great company for the last ten days when we were together. She will be staying at her home till the exams are done with and then I am planning to take her with me to Bangalore where I work.

Right now, I am back in Bangalore, alone, just like before the marriage. Things are just like the time after our engagement, I working in Bangalore, she attending her classes, with mobile phones as the only connection between us. Some times I even wonder that marriage and subsequent days when we lived together were for real or just a dream.

Anyway this month is going to be a busy one. I have to look for a new home and make the arrangements, lot of pending works in office, some twenty half done blog posts in drafts folder.... Watch out this space for more.